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Welcome to Basal Layer & Co.!

I have been hard at work creating this beautiful space for you to enjoy, it truly has been a labor of love, and believe me, I promise not to disappoint! Whether you come here for skin care solutions, goals, products, gifts, relaxation, or just a peek, I guarantee that this is one stop in downtown Hartford that you won’t want to miss. If these walls could talk they’d tell you my blood, sweat, and tears are here!

I chose to name this space Basal Layer & Co. for many reasons. The basal cell layer is the fifth layer of the epidermis (the basement membrane) It is an active layer where cells undergo continuous cell division to replenish the regular loss of skin cells shed from the surface. When you marry healthy, active products, with performance driven treatments that can stimulate cell division you’ll get beautiful, lasting results!

Using a holistic approach, in our community, we aim to be recognized as the leading “go to” source for both relaxation and performance driven solutions. The goal is to teach our clients healthy practices that align with their hearts desires physically, mentally, and spiritually. Balance in all is the foundation but, when the occasional over-indulgence does happen, we can help with that!

Come on in and let me share what we have to offer!

When you go deep, inside and out,
that’s when you see the greatest changes!

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