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By: Katie Sellinger

Exfoliation is Key! That’s why I recommend Dermaplaning!

The goal of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells and encourage cellular turn over. When we are young our skin cells turn over every three to four weeks. As we age the cellular turnover process moves at a slower rate, which makes monthly exfoliation more important. Exfoliation pranks the skin into turning over at a faster rate. New skin cells are sent to replace old ones, and collagen and elastin are produced. Did you know that loss of collagen and elastin is the biggest contributor to wrinkles? While collagen can be put back into the skin, elastin is too big of a molecule.

With that being said, lets cut to the chase. Why DERMAPLANING?

Dermaplaning is a lot like microdermabrasion, it is another popular form of physical exfoliation but with the bonus of the removal of vellus hair from the skin. With the use of a sterile surgical scalpel being lightly scraped against the top layer of your skin it does not hurt one bit. It may sound scary to some but it definitely isn’t. Think of a credit card sliding across your skin in short overlapping strokes, better yet – try it. No big deal, no pain, no fear.

Dermaplaning has numerous benefits and this list will get you on the dermaplaning train.

  1. Cell Regeneration – will be triggered and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Hyperpigmentation – will slough off the top layer of skin, taking off dead skin cells. Therefore, it can help lighten pigmented spots.
  3. Immediate Results – literally, while other forms of exfoliation may take more time to show results.
  4. Safety – Safe for everyone with no downtime.
  5. Smooths Rough Skin – Especially beneficial for those with rough, dry skin. The scalpel is effective in smoothing skin and evening skin tone.
  6. Hair Removal – easily removes peach fuzz or vellus hair without any problems.
  7. Product Penetration – good for letting products such as peels, serums, etc. penetrate deeply into the skin.
  8. Mildness – very gentle form of exfoliation. Perfect start for a gentle anti-aging treatment, also great for people who are more sensitive.
  9. Frequency – Safe to do every three to four weeks which is the target range you would want to go to get those cells turning at a faster rate.
  10. Catalyst – great catalyst to deeper exfoliation procedures, as it preps one’s skin gently.
  11. Makeup – Make up will go on better, and look absolutely flawless and smooth!

I love this treatment, you can’t go wrong – it’s safe and very effective!

So, what do you think? Will you give dermaplaning a try?…


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