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Judy’s Favorite Eminence SPF!

Tina’s point of view: Everyone who has been in for a treatment with me knows that at the end of the service I remind you of what I recommend as your follow up protocol. ALWAYS, I include the suggestion of using SPF daily. Once we have professionally exfoliated...

Meet Judy

Tina’s point of view: This is Mom! She is my devoted mom who has been there from the conception….literally! Some of you may know her because she is one of the foundational building blocks of Basal Layer & Co. Along this journey mom has been a top student and...

New Year, New You, with NuFace

New in the spa in the upcoming season is Nuface! We wanted to find something that would help extend the results of your treatments and advance the improvements that we’ve made with your skin. NuFace will give you the ability to continue the work of your...

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