Someone once said “Well behaved women rarely make history.” Every time I hear that quote or see it as a Facebook meme I think, there’s alot more to that statement than meets the eye. Really! I mean, usually the photo featured with that quote are a couple women kicking up their heels or something similar to a “girls gone wild” pic. If you stop and think about it again, it could really be about courageous, brave, undefeated, overcomers! When I look around, I realize that I’ve surrounded myself with them! Some have even changed my life! I love the women that are not confined by appropriateness. The women that when you are close to them you are somehow caught in their gravity. They ignite a room and don’t realize it. Usually this characteristic comes with confidence which, comes with age. It’s not necessarily a learned behavior, it’s an evolution that happens with life. Although, I’m not sure you can teach this beautiful quality, I do know some of the things that these alpha-women do differently, I observe them closely and try my best to follow pursuit.

Engage in living. There should never be a waiting for the right person, career, or desired whatever……..and then I’ll be happy. You don’t even have to be 100% comfortable in a situation to act. Life isn’t going to wait for you, that’s for sure, it’s just best to go on on and do it. Whatever that is and whatever your status. Don’t be the girl sitting on the sidelines. Buy the shoes, ask him on a date, rent that apartment, take your vacation, or buy a building in downtown Hartford  😉  You can be bold and still be beautiful.

Don’t ever put yourself down, never. Listen, it’s a big world and we’ve all know there will always be someone smarter, prettier, funnier, etc. Big deal. You’re special just the way you are and we are not defined by just one attribute. Actually, when you become completely in love with yourself, that’s when everyone else will too. You’ll be addicting, infectious, and you’ll attract exactly what your heart desires, always. At the end of the day no one cares about the dimple on your backside. Trust me. You’re already the “whole” package.

Never give up all of yourself for someone else. You were born with your own desired interests and talents. Don’t let anyone steal them from you, not even yourself. Take the time to spend with your friends and enjoy your hobbies. It’s so important to cultivate your own happiness and sustain it. Fearless women want other people in their lives that accept her as well as respect her. On the topic of respect, this is a good place to interject that we also want face to face time. We don’t want pen pals. Sending winky and kissy faces back and forth over texts is cute but we know that any man that’s serious about them will want to see their real smiles in real time.

Never be afraid to invest in yourself and take pride in the effort and results. Whether its your career, education, business, car, home, manicure, handshake, or your shoes, from your ethic to your reputation, never apologize for investing in yourself.

A damsel in distress may be an attractive scenario in an old black and white movie, but in real time, being a victim gets old. Life and people will let you down. The great thing about that is the contrast in good and bad things helps you identify what you like and what you don’t. You learn from those experiences and the lessons help you chisel out and create you, who you’re becoming, your future. If we didn’t have the bad with the good we’d have no way to know for sure. Things will always happen. Put your big girl pants on and move on. I promise you, your heart will heal…………..always.

Manifest your dreams. Make a bucket list and start crossing shit off! We’re here to enjoy life, we’re creators, bring all you desire to full fruition!

Which brings me back to the beginning. Engaging, connecting, inspiring, that’s how to make history. There are no mistakes, only lessons through contrast. Watch closely for the mature, courageous, bold, overcomers. Observe them and let them take you into their gravity and aspire to be a star in reality, not a reality star.














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