I’ve only been part of the Hartford, WI downtown BID for a few months and I just want to share the fun that it’s been! If anyone has been concerned about the pulse of this community I can tell you, no need to worry, we are alive and well! It’s been such an impressive couple of months from my standpoint and the success of my business is very much due to the progressiveness of our community. Hartford is a great place to locate, live, work, and play. The businesses and residents place considerable importance on characteristics that go far beyond just a vibrant economy. We are offered social gatherings, openness, leadership, civic involvement, beautiful aesthetics (in terms of parks, bridges, Pike Lake, Historical society, etc.), education, and many basic services. There is a shared emotional connection here that is conducive to a “sense of community,” membership, and influence, that gives you the feeling that we have a say in community issues that affect us and that our perspectives are appreciated and respected. More importantly, Hartford members work very hard on our social and aesthetic foundations which is important to building a healthy and sustainable economy.

This past weekend Basal Layer & Co. participated in the 9th Annual Block Party Classic Car Show. The downtown was bustling on Saturday, all day! The events hosted here bring alot of people that wouldn’t normally come here. Such a success! July 11th will be the city’s Maxwell Street Days. Don’t miss out!

As a new business owner, who plans to be here for years to come I appreciate all that has been offered to me and I am so proud to be part of this progressive community. Take a closer look at us, you’ll like what you find. 



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