Things move so fast during the summer months that we forget to take a step back and look around us at the pieces falling into place. As Basal Layer & Co is growing, I have been so fortunate to be apart of this beautiful community that is growing too! It’s an exciting time in downtown Hartford! New places are popping up and it’s enjoyable to see business members collaborate to help make our city unique and thrive. You can almost feel the vibration of inspiration.

Summer is always loaded with tons of activities and our city has so much to offer. Music in the park, farmer’s market two times a week, Pike Lake, pool, ice cream shops, parks, hiking trails, beautiful places to stay, the list is endless. Recently, we had the opportunity to be part of the 4th of July parade and although it was a scorcher I can tell you the downtown area was filled with thousands of people! We loved being part of it so much that we already decided we’re definitely in on the Christmas parade!! I can’t leave out our Hartford Maxwell Street Days that was this past Wednesday. The committee that organized the event has lots to be proud of because the streets were filled with vendors and the public was here to support.

It’s a great feeling to be part of “I Live Here I Give Here” team. Everyone really cares about the success of each other and it shows. Basal layer & Co is 6 months old now and I’ve been blessed with a continual stream of clients. Although I do pride this business on excellent and knowledgeable skin care for our clients, I believe that a big part of what we’ve achieved thus far is from the strong support of the community BID and Chamber members. As always I appreciate all the efforts to make our downtown attractive and a pleasant place to visit, shop, dine, and of course, operate a business. We have a buzzing place here and I hope if you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out, give it a shot this summer. You’ll be amazed 🙂



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