I just recently witnessed one of the most awe inspiring occasions of life. My daughters wedding. Where has time gone? It seems like only yesterday when she was taking her first step, going on her first date, graduating high school, learning to drive, graduating college. There is a beauty and a challenge that comes with motherhood. Hanging on and letting go. My daughters have grown into unique, independent women and with their continual embracing of womanhood the challenge is the continual “letting go”.

Watching your daughter loosen the ties of her origin so that she can start a family of her own is both joyous and difficult. Change is hard but necessary. We hold space at our children’s weddings, to support their transformation as they can begin their new life and family. Its our legacy. It takes courage and wisdom to step back and watch your child develop wings. Especially knowing that they will fall. There is nothing certain in this life except that nothing can severe the bond between a mother and her child.

The wedding was wonderful and I describe it as this………if there ever was a moment in time, that I could stop time, it would have been last weekend, just so I could “feel it” a little longer. Marriage is a profound journey. I wish for them a strengthening of their bond by appreciating their differences and not to ever “sweat” the trivial details or power struggles. Simply allow the uniqueness of your relationship to fulfill each other. Blessings on this joyous occasion of life and for many years to come. 



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