Tina’s point of view:

This is Mom! She is my devoted mom who has been there from the conception….literally! Some of you may know her because she is one of the foundational building blocks of Basal Layer & Co. Along this journey mom has been a top student and loyal guinea pig for the better good of Basal Layer & Co. Mom listens diligently and follows all the prescribed skin care regimes and recommended treatments. It has been to her advantage, she looks great! She hardly looks like the mother of a 48 year old woman, but she is and loving it! Through the thick and thin mom has been a participant in more ways than one! She’s going to share with you some of her tricks of the trade (in terms of skin). The must haves, dos & don’ts, and secrets of what keeps her looking timeless. Since my endeavor into Esthetic school Judy has been a willing client of mine. She was my first Dermaplane, if that speaks of her devotion to me 😉 As you can see, it has been to her benefit. Over the course of only 2 years her skin has become the envy of many people who have met her when they pop in Basal Layer & Co. and find her filling in as the front desk greeter. I dare to say, her results have been dramatic. We are going to be sharing her regime and top favorites with you. Moms opinion may be more valuable than mine because her face doesn’t lie!

Judy’s point of view:

“My favorite product is the NuFace. It’s a device that executes a low-level current, which mimics our body’s natural current, to my face. I have used this for a year” ( since my beautiful daughter gave it to me for Christmas? ) “and have noticed a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It has toned my facial muscles and I love the image I now reflect. I use it everyday. It literally takes only minutes. It is like a 5 minute face lift. My face feels awakened after the lift and then I apply my makeup for the day. I feel I look better because of it! You’ll love it too!.”





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