Who doesn’t get sentimental at the close of a year. I don’t know about you but just a couple lines of Auld Lang Syne and I’m choked up, I can’t help it. I think because the rituals that accompany the season flood my mind with the memories of all the days gone by. Just a couple of weeks ago  I posted on Facebook about how I used to shop with my Grandpa every year in downtown Hartford for all of my Christmas gifts. This is the first year in a long time that our beautiful community has been able to offer me enough variety with our shops that I could once again make that a tradition! Its as though a breath of life has been given to our community! Our Midnight Madness event this year was astounding and people came out in masses. Very proud to be part of this growth and opportunity. Also, thank you everyone for such overwhelming support on Small Business Saturday. Our community really takes it to heart and as an owner, I know we all really appreciate that!

When specific lines from my favorite Christmas songs get stuck in my throat and grab hold of me, as I’m just putting one foot in front of the other, waking up, going through the routine, going to sleep, and repeating. I’m purposefully taking some time outs to remember what the past season is supposed to be about. The purpose, significance, and BIGNESS of the holidays can sometimes crowd out the reality of it. If we aren’t careful it can become a series of unhinged moments: frantic lists, baking a hundred different cookies, perfect decorations, just right gifts, concerts, dinners, wrapping, etc. None of those are very meaningful at all and sometimes are more frustrating than good for you.

So moving into the new year, in the fight to make it all matter, remember it doesn’t have to. Consider that the normalcy of the days can be just as impactful as the big stuff. When we are “in it”, it rarely feels like we’re accomplishing what we want, with all the chaos and unmet expectations. But give it some time. We likely won’t have a song written about us, but one day, we too may look back at these ordinary days with wonder and with awe.

Because as un-magical as the reality can seem in the moment, we never know the story it will end up telling in time.

Much thanks for the support of the business owners in our community. I appreciate those who have paved the way before me. Their advice and knowledge is limitless. Thank you to my clients for their time, attention, and faith in me. These relationships are what make coming to work feel like my playground instead. Last but not least thank you to those in my inner circle. You’ve given so much of your time and devotion to Basal layer & Co. and I’m so grateful to have you be part of this journey. Its been a remarkable year and the best is yet to come!  We have so many exciting things on the way way! Our future’s so bright it burns my eyes!



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