Tina’s point of view:

Everyone who has been in for a treatment with me knows that at the end of the service I remind you of what I recommend as your follow up protocol. ALWAYS, I include the suggestion of using SPF daily. Once we have professionally exfoliated your skin and revealed that beautiful layer underneath the worst thing you can do is let UV rays hit it. Any smidge of exposure at all and you will potentially undo all the effort and investment we’ve put into it. The fresh skin that we’ve exposed is delicate and vulnerable, it’s also smoother, clearer, and softer to the touch, why would you want to run the risk of ruining it? There’s no way around the fact that damaging UV rays are unhealthy and they will cause you to age prematurely. “Sun exposure is responsible for most of the visible aging of your skin—far more than all other factors combined. Yes, UV rays from the sun are the primary cause of wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, reduced skin elasticity, the degradation of skintexture, and many other signs of skin aging. By carefully practicing sun protection year-round, you can prevent further sun damage and may even reverse some of the damage already done.” Thank goodness for SPF! I also want to be clear that I’m not suggesting to hide from the sunlight! I just prefer that you take the step to cover it up. At the very least, apply SPF to your face, neck, and decollete area. Those are the primary areas that I work on. Your face is important to your identity, take care of the one you have.

I’m so glad that Mom is sharing her diligence about applying SPF and the importance of it. She is a great example of the benefits of protecting your skin. I agree with her about Eminence Sun Defense Minerals and it’s one of my favorites too! One application lasts hours. Spritzing on your favorite Eminence Tonique over the top also makes it a little water resistant. There are a variety of colors if you choose as well as a translucent. It’s easy to apply and reapply when needed and can travel easily anywhere! As the weather starts to change and you want to spend more time outside, don’t forget to stop down at Basal layer & Co. to pick up your favorite SPF!

Judy’s point of view:

One of my favorite products is the Eminence Sun Defense Mineral sun screen. First, to tell you about this product, is it’s SPF 30 which I know is the percentage you need for full protection. It is great for water resistance (when you spritz on a tonique over it) and swimming or just plain being outdoors, whether recreational or working. It does not clog your pores and is oil-free. A light powder that comes in different shades depending on your skin color. I use the translucent one at this time. Usually I’ll apply it after my makeup and then spritz my face with toner (sets my makeup nicely). I am ready for the day! No need to reapply it! I’ve tested it many times and it definitely works. Easy to apply and worth it! No more sunburned face for me. Give it a try!



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