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Minerals are actually thin sheets of flat crystals that overlap each other on the surface of the skin to form a refractive layer.  This layer reflects light from the face, reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, creating a softer and more even appearance.  These lightweight mineral particles bind to the skin and will last throughout the day as well as being water resistant.
Two of the main ingredients used in our formulations are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  These ingredients are known for helping to calm the skin, they also help protect the skin from environmental hazards.  In fact, plastic surgeons and dermatologists routinely recommend mineral makeup to patients who have had laser treatments, microdermabrasion, peels or plastic surgery.  So go ahead and enjoy your makeup.  Do something good for you skin and have fun mixing and matching colors.

100% pure natural minerals 

why minerals?
The light texture of mineral makeup is the best alternative to the heavier liquid foundations that are commonly used today.  Mineral-based makeup is great for people of all ages and even those with sensitive skin.  Mineral makeup is commonly recommended by dermatologists because it allows your skin to breathe.  It gives you that natural look, but with excellent coverage.  It goes on lightly, creating a flawless and more radiant appearance and it is good for you skin!
The minerals that are used to create mineral makeup are taken from nature and processed to create the powders that we blend together to create our colors.  We can create an endless array of beautiful colors by combining these minerals.  From foundations that can suit any skin tone, to blushes and shadows that shimmer, sparkle, or have a matte finish.  These finished colors can also be mixed to create other custom blends.  Combine two foundations together to get the perfect match, or mix eye colors to get fresh new colors.
Pateena uses only 100% pure crushed minerals from the Earth.  We do not use talc, oil, fragrances, fillers, preservatives or other harmful chemicals and skin irritants in our loose minerals.



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