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We offer a fun, fearless, and fresh touch for your skin care needs! When you integrate a holistic attitude and understanding that good skin comes from the inside out, that’s when you see results!

You need to put an emphasis on balance in all the other factors relating to the body. I have found that a more natural regime of healthy habits is truly what’s best and the products here reflect that belief.

The product lines are personally handpicked and I have faith that you will love them as much as I do.

The intention is to put you on your pathway to live in your best skin!

I’ve been a Hartford girl for most of my life. It was in high school where I had my first breakout.

With it came those first feelings of embarrassment, shame, and isolation. I continued to struggle with skin issues all the way into my adult years. The older I became, of course, acne wasn’t my only skin issue!

Years of tanning, my love of the outdoors, and late-night outings filled with good food and wine, combined with my present issue (menopause :)), began to wreak havoc! I have used whatever I could get my hands on that promised radiance, luminosity, clarity, etc., you get the picture.

After my divorce in 2016, with no husband and my children grown, I found myself considering what I should do for the rest of my life. My decision to embark on the opportunity to learn the best-advanced techniques in skincare from instructors who have a combined 40 years of experience in the industry, has literally changed my life! This amazing education has sparked in me, the desire to share with everyone how good you can feel. I have found the solutions for my skin and can give you the confident expectations of whatever it is you desire!


Owner, Basal Layer & Co


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