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New Year, New You, with NuFace

New in the spa in the upcoming season is Nuface! We wanted to find something that would help extend the results of your treatments and advance the improvements that we've made with your skin. NuFace will give you the ability to continue the work of your professional...

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Do I Have Hormonal Acne?

This is too amazing of a blog not to share! Hormonal Acne...ugh! So many of us are plagued by it. Hope this helps! Credit to Alisha Whitley, Eminence Blogger Acne as a teenager is a given. We know the drill: Puberty hits, our hormones go into overdrive, the breakouts...

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Occasions of Life

I just recently witnessed one of the most awe inspiring occasions of life. My daughters wedding. Where has time gone? It seems like only yesterday when she was taking her first step, going on her first date, graduating high school, learning to drive, graduating...

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New Services at Basal Layer & Co!

Look great all day, everyday!! If you haven't heard we are excited to share with you the new services featured at Basal Layer & Co!  Cosmetic Enhancements with Cassie Grande and Botox Injections with Kristin Searing R.N.. First off, Cassie offers her permanent...

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