Body Sculpt

Basal Layer Body Sculpt is the best devices to transform your body.  Now is the best time to lose weight!

Body Sculpting

At Basal Layer, our body sculpting treatments in Hartford, WI are safe alternatives to aggressive medical procedures such as liposuction, heating, or freezing the fat cells.  Using a technology called Bodicurrent, our body sculpting specialist utilizes  3 different forms of micro current combined to increase your cellular energy and circulation, resulting in beautifying the body, shrinking inches, and fitting better in your clothes.

No matter what your body type is or how many pounds you need to lose, BodySculpt is the best-kept secret in the industry. Bodicurrent is a holistic way to give you more confidence in your body by activating key processes that help you fit into those skinny jeans.

Our body sculpting treatments have no downtime and work as a “whole body detox” promoting energy and vitality while producing a healthier you. Get started today and schedule our body sculpting treatments at Basal Layer & Co.


Basal Layer & Co. recommends 12 body sculpting sessions (1 month) to start to see your desired result.

Body Sculpting Pricing:




1 MONTH: $1,500

2 MONTHS: $2,500

3 MONTHS: $3,000


Packages include Body Sculpting Sessions, Vibration Plate, BMI Monitor, Supplements, and a Confidence by Char Book.



  • Come Hydrated – You’ve seen the movies where electricity hits the water and it just goes everywhere. This holds true for your body sculpting session. We are using a low level of current to stimulate the body beautification process. The more hydrated you are the further the current can travel to impact those fat cells.

  • Turn it up – There will be pads placed on the desired areas. Just lay down and enjoy 30 minutes of contractions as the microcurrent works its magic.

  • Move – After your session, you just released a bunch of toxins and cellular debris that are stuck in limbo. You’ll need to move that out, so go for a 10-minute walk to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

  • Repeat – To see results we recommend having 10 sessions at 3x per week, at minimum 1 per week. While you’re spending the time here for those sessions you might as well get a second area treated simultaneously so you can maximize your time!

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